Shark Garment Stand Steamer, GS300 (Code: )

Price: 51.0 USD

About this item

Wrinkles will be history with this Shark Garment Stand Steamer. It is compact and simple to use. This portable garment steamer has a superior steam output and does not spit water. This lets you remove tough wrinkles with ease. You can count on it to give you outstanding performance over the years. Use the Shark garment steamer on your clothes, curtains and favorite fabrics to give them a polished look. You can also use it on delicate items like shirts that can't be safely ironed. The portable garment steamer heats up almost instantly, so that you can begin steaming quickly. The water tank of this item is generous, so you can fill it up as needed. Its lightweight design means it can be moved and stored with ease. You can also remove the hose and reservoir from the base when necessary. The handy portable garment steamer ensures your clothes will look their best.

Shark Garment Stand Steamer:

  • Superior steam output
  • No water spitting from this portable garment steamer
  • Easy way to remove wrinkles and freshen fabrics